Alaska Season 2010: 20 Ships still to dock in Victoria

Update:   October 1st , 2010, only one ship left for this Sunday, October  3, 2010  ( Norwegian  Star) at 8am to 5pm., then the season closes till next May 2011.

At September 18, 2010
Victoria BC: 20 Cruise Ships left to Dock in Victoria out of am original schedule of 230 ships.

Liz & Emma at Ogden Point Cafe


Golden Princess & Celebrity M Class Ship

  Well, our Alaska season is winding down as we have only 20 more cruise ships to visit Victoria BC this year with the last one on October 3, 2010.

Sea Princess was in Friday September 17, 2010 for 6am PST so I’ll take a visit during my chores and then she is back here again on September 27, 2010.

Holland America

 She will then begin her leg down the Pacific Coast , thru the Panama Canal and into the Caribbean to begin her Barbados return 14 night cruise cycle into the Islands.

A lot of my UK friends will start flying into Barbados on regular charters each two weeks and we ourselves will be on the November 15 sailing.
The weather here is peasoup fog with ships horns sounding.
I’m happy but sad as as I’ll not have anymore ships to see till next season but I do have lots of good mates on the / board and to share and enjoy each others comments.

Victoria News – Cruise Weather May / June / July / August 2010

 Update: August 15, 2010
Bloody HOT this week, a record, around 29C – 33C…

Update: July 23, 2010
Weather is 27C and ships are in today ( Infinity, RCL, Zaandam), visitors are enjoying sunny weather, sun is out to 9:30pm PST, slight breeze, kites are flying and please checkout the Ogden Pont Cafe, a few minutes walk from the docks.
Update:   July 15, 2010
 Well, SUMMER IS HERE , grass goes brown, water restrictions phase 1 still in place. Weather is now in the mid 20’s C and folks off the Rhapsody of the Seas in port today are wearing sun hats, shorts and sandals. Will continue at least into end of next week.

July 4, 2010
Well we just celebrated Canada Day on July 1, 2010 and the Queen and Prince Philip were in Ottawa to help us celebrate.

They also were in Halifax to commemorate the Canadian Navy’s Centennial (100 years).–queen-dazzles-sailors-and-politicians-alike?bn=1

Our weather though for those on a cruise to Alaska was in the cool side with temperatures running around 12C (53F) to 20C (68F) at times. Not our average warm Spring or Summer but the good news is that July is looking to be in the mid 20’s C (68F – 75F).

So for some folks looks like they were being prepared for Alaska type weather but overall it is still nice but cool and overcast at times or breaks of sun.

On the other side of the world (Zante, Greece) see picture ….., look at Tina’s Cruising to see where she is taking her holiday.
now that must be true summer weather. Air fare for some of us though would be expensive.


Are Cruise ships a ‘major source’ of fumes in Victoria BC Canada

The above article link shows a concern by a group in Victoria BC who worry about cruise ship emissions while docked in Victoria.
The group is like any other lobby group who are a few but state they represent the majority in the area.
Some of their points are valid, as in “that ships should use low-sulphur fuel when cruising in our water and in port”.. One cannot argue that things get improved by making your point to politicians and companies but all should be done in a joint cooperative manner.
From this authors (RobBar) perspective the majority of cars in James Bay are due to locals and visitors wanting to park then walk, fly kites, walk their dogs around our lovely waterfront which extends from downtown all the way past the docks and on to Oak Bay.
The quoted:a better way to move cruise-ship passengers from Ogden Point to downtown than a parade of buses and taxis.” is interesting as this week I watched a line of taxis (40) waiting for passengers and every few minutes, one was loaded with 3 – 4 passengers but the taxis (about 35 ) were Toyota Prius which is a hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) .
Yes, we use tour buses but the buses are around only for about the first hour ship is docked till they return, leaving rest of day quiet. It happens that local bus companies which travel up-island or to Vancouver use the area also as a parking area as their space is limited downtown.
We do have horse carriages which visitors enjoy and staff who pick up any droppings on the road. Two companies in Victoria that offer tours from the docks and / or downtown (in walking distance). and

We also have a dive shop who run a local business and helicopters with on the hour service to Vancouver in the area.

It might seem like we have ships in every day but the published schedule shows it is mainly the weekend we get three – four ships docked at same time and normally from about 6pm to midnight while the rest of the week we might have about four – six ships spread over the other five days.
The main cruise companies do on board recycling and at major ports these items are offloaded to hired business’s whose specialty is to handle these sources including waste water where applicable and per International Guidelines.
A lot of these ships are gas turbine / electric with others a fuel oil/ electric and while in port run one engine sufficient to power a generator to allow power at the dock while in Vancouver and Alaska your ship if converted can now hook up to a local source electrical power grid.

I’m not suggesting all is perfect but cruise lines who want to maintain their business are seeking ways to improve with local authorities and the author of the link
does indicate politicians and our local harbour authority working towards guidelines called the .Northwest Ports Clean Air Strategy.

Updated July 10, 2010 …. Clean Air Rules for North America Adopted

Quote: By CBC News,, Updated: July 10, 2010 12:26 PM

Clean-air rules spark cruise boycott threat

Clean-air rules spark cruise boycott threat

New emission controls planned for Canada’s coasts may threaten the country’s multi-million-dollar cruise ship industry. 
The level of sulphur permitted in fuel used within 200 nautical miles of land is going to be lowered, which would raise the costs of operating in Canadian waters.
The U.S. is making similar changes after a joint agreement reached with Canada in March.
  end of quote:  ———————————————————————–

We need to always ensure a balance between tourism and local needs as otherwise those of us who live here and enjoy our amenities might get a very large surprise in our taxation bills.
We are a quiet city for seven – eight months of the year and hope our cruise ship passengers will return during these months to spend more time in our city and area.

Thoughts ??

Victoria BC Ogden Point Cafe and Crew WiFi Access

Ogden Point Cafe – Victoria BC


Ogden Point- Victoria BC

 The Alaska season for cruise ships coming to Victoria BC Canada is now in full swing. Majority of passengers normally enjoy a full or half day in port.

Victoria has a lot to offer with its English type weather and charm.
I’ve started to take pictures of each ship when it arrives and plan to post them on a separate post this summer. One thing that is evident is where do the crew who are off-duty go when in port for their relaxation.
Well, right beside the docks and only a five minute walk in sight of the ships is a lovely cafe overlooking the docks and the sea.
It is called the Ogden Point Cafe and offers a wonderful food selection, a lovely view of the ships at anchor, a view across the strait from Canada to the USA Olympic Mountains and in my humble mind, great staff. Note: Great Coffee (aka Java) also.
I park my car ( free parking for an hour by Ogden Point Cafe, look for the yellow markers ) do some picture taking , and then have a java and / or food.
What I discovered especially in the evening is about twenty – thirty crew from various ships having a great time though together but ‘huddled’ over their laptops , ITouch, IPads using their free WiFi access to access emails, the web and webcams to their families.
Only problem is the more who use the access, including yours truly with his ITouch, the shared speed drops down to zero
until someone leaves. I believe the server is Cable, not ADSL/DSL which means you are sharing with not only the Cafe users
but ones in the area.
A big ‘Thank you’ to Ogden Point Cafe owners who provide this WiFi access for paying customers (crew and us locals).
Their password is changed on a weekly cycle and as you may request it at the cashier when you obtain your food / java / tea.
The Ogden Point area also provides telephones, a gift shop, a dive shop and lot of folks walking along the beach.

First Alaska 2010 Cruise Ship for Season Visits Victoria, Canada

Title link shows the Times Colonist Victoria BC article on cruise ship season start for 2010.

The first Cruise Ship for the Alaska season of 2010 docked in Victoria, BC Canada on April 26 at 9 – 10:am PST and is scheduled to leave 23:59 PST for Vancouver.

It was the Holland America ‘ms Zaandam’ cruise ship which carries 1,440 passengers and is a 777-foot long ship.
Below link shows the Seattle Times article on cruise ship season start for 2010

Alaska 2010 Cruise Ships Visits to Victoria BC Vancouver Island

Here is the link to the Victoria BC , Vancouver Island 2010 Alaska Cruise Ship Schedule.

Normally these ships arrive for a 1/2 to 1 day stop during their Alaska Cruise voyage. Either returning / starting from Seattle , San Diego, Los Angeles or repositioning or to Vancouver.
We can expect 229 cruise ships visiting with sometimes four ships in at the same time.
Contributes to our economy by visitors, crews and ship supplies.

First Ship in is on April 26, 2010 “Zaandam” from Holland America.
Last ship is on October 3, 2010 “Norwegian Star” from Norwegian Cruise Line.