Schedule Alaska Cruise Ship Season 2016 – Ogden Point (Victoria BC Vancouver Island)

Ogden Point Piers
Ogden Point Piers

Effective April 3rd 2016 the Star Princess will be the first cruise ship to dock at Ogden Point for 2016.

Will arrive from Los Angeles at 08:00 pst and leave for Vancouver at 23:59 pst



2014 in review by WordPress , interesting 😄

The stats prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

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Ogden Point May 2014 Cruise Ships

Some pictures of the recent ships (May 2014) into Ogden Point (Victoria BC ) Vancouver Island for the Alaska Season 2014 which I have taken from trusted iPhone5 🙂
I started a Facebook site last year 🙂
where I can locate remotely the ship coming into our harbour , check the ships schedule and give you more information as to where it came from and is going to.. If the weather is lousy that day or I cannot access our family car then at least I am able to reach out to folks.

My blog itself allows me to share picture I took at the harbour and post here. Just have to do more frequently for you all.
I have finally discovered ( nerd here) that I can load multiple pictures at same time..
What I plan to do is make a slideshow and upload that at some point.
Our Alaska season is just starting , so the weather is not that great at times, when I venture to the harbour in early evening and sometimes the sunny day becomes a misty day.
This year I will probably invest in a WordPress direct internet address just to try some more blogging opportunities.
Please leave any comments that tell me if you enjoy this look at our local cruising world.
Thank you to my friends and virtual ones around the world who give me ideas
/ CC RobBar

Ogden Point  2014
Ogden Point 2014


Island Princess May 20 2014 Ogden Point
Island Princess May 20 2014 Ogden Point


Victoria , Canada: Cruise Shuttle 2014 via Gondola

This week it was announced that a company in responding to ways to shuttle cruise passengers to the Victoria downtown including wheelchair passengers has proposed a Gondola system, much like used for skiing or across rivers.

The intent is to move passengers from Ogden Point to downtown Victoria in about five minutes following a route over two streets just above tree top level in a covered unit ( 8 passengers).    Cost might be around $10 Cdn return which is on par with current shuttle costs.

This is in response to the Greater Victoria Harbour Authority for ways to reduce traffic, noise, pollution during the cruise season and to give passengers and crew more options of travelling back and forth to the city centre.

See more at:

The Cruise we Cancelled: May 2012 Island Princess

Not that we are cruise crazy having only done about nine cruises since 2001.
We have completed cruises of  a 28 day cruise duration, 14 days, 10 days , 7 days and  a wedding anniversary cruise of 3 days last year (May 2011) on the Golden Princess from Los Angeles to Vancouver.

Golden Princess at Ogden Point (by Robbar)

It was all sea days, lovely , relaxing and we went from warm to cool days as we cruised up the Pacific  Coast. When we docked it was a zoo with four ships in Vancouver at the same time and thankfully I booked us overnight at a boutique Hotel  with a chocolate fountain instead of rushing back to Vancouver Island.

The above is to set the stage for this cruise per my prior post.

This year we elected to celebrate our wedding anniversary (May 2012)  by another short cruise  but on the Island Princess from Los Angeles to Vancouver for 5 days ( a repositioning cruise ).

Princess Cruises:  Island Princess Web Cam   (by Princess)

As it would dock in Victoria we received approval to disembark on the 4th day. That would save us the expense of a oneway Air Flight to Victoria from Vancover including an overnight stay in a hotel.

Going down we booked air from Victoria to Los Angeles with an overnight hotel in San Pedro and a minisuite. Then it was to be on to the ship for some sea days and a day in San Francisco, even found a special prepaid SIM card and rate for using our mobile in the USA .

About three weeks prior, got all the papers from my Travel Agent, printed out my Sea and Air tickets including luggage tags. Discovered though that Air Canada only allows one bag per person at a charge while two or more  are very expensive.
Two – three weeks prior came down with a cough and felt all would be fine but it developed into a hacking cough all the time and any idea of it being fine to board the ship became very remote.
Saw my physician who said it had gone viral so going onboard a cruise ship would go against the health question form for sure in bringing onboard.

So, two days prior I had to cancel all the arrangements.  
It was a tough call but the right one as the hacking cough got worse during what would have been our planned cruise days,

Hopefully we can do this again for 2013

Victoria BC – Ogden Point Alaska Cruise Ship 2012 Schedule

Well, I just got back from Barbados after 5 weeks with family and discovered we  have published the Ogden Point cruise schedule for 2012 out of Victoria BC Canada.
The first ship will visit on April 17, 2012 with the last one scheduled for October 24th,  2012.
We are currently scheduled for 229 ship visits , a lot of passengers and crew that will visit us during the 2012 Alaska Cruise schedule.

One of the newer visitors will be Disney Cruises with 22 + – dockings scheduled as she will be home porting out of Seattle, so we benefit.

Sapphire Princess Enters Drydock in Victoria BC Canada (January 9, 2012)


Victoria, BC, on Vancouver Island, Canada
Victoria, BC, on Vancouver Island, Canada (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


English: The British Columbia Parliament Build...
English: The British Columbia Parliament Buildings in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada Español: Los Edificios del Parlamento de Columbia Británica en Victoria, Columbia Británica, Canadá (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Per the link news below, Victoria Dry Dock in Victoria BC, Canada on Vancouver Island is now working on the extensive four week renovations needed for the Sapphire Princess before it will commence its cruises on February 4, 2012 out of Los Angeles.

Santa Clarita, Calif. (PRWEB) January 09, 2012
Sapphire Princess arrives today at the Victoria Shipyards dry dock in British Columbia to begin a dramatic, four-week transformation. The dry dock continues a multi-year fleet renovation process that has brought Princess Cruises’ signature features to most of its ships.

Update : Pictures from Princess of Ship

Next two Picture from Princess via
Via Princess

Disney Cruise to leave Vancouver in 2012

The local newspapers in Victoria and Vancouver for April 7, 2011 have both indicated that even though the first cruse ship for Disney , ‘Disney Wonder’ has not started its Alaska 2011 cruises season from Vancouver yet that it will be moving to Seattle for the 2012 Alaska cruise season.

The official Disney company release said beginning May , 2012 that Disney Wonder will begin 14 seven night cruises
from Seattle to Tracy Arm, Skagway, Juneau, and Ketchikan Alaska as well as Victoria ,Canada.

It is expected that Vancouver will loose 20 cruise ships visits in 2012 while Victoria will gain 14+ visits in 2012 in this move.
Home port visits benefit by more monies on transportation, hotels, visits, supplies and refueling while day visits still benefit by about a 1 million dollars to the local economy.
The indication is that excluding ship costs for mooring it is the airfare and hotel costs to Vancouver which are an added expense for an American family instead of flying to Seattle direct. As Disney is a prime family enterprise it would want to keep the travel costs down though once onboard those savings for the family, will to my mind , go back to Disney. Try and control the addon sales by your family once at sea for seven days.

Disney has not said why they are doing this nor what they plan for 2013. Economy of scale will tell the full story as their new venture to Alaska market unfolds.
All in all, it is exciting time for Disney and the ports they visit as a lot of forward planning has already been completed with excursion providers. 

Course I do have a bias in welcoming Disney Wonder to Victoria from 2 times in 2011 to 14 or more times in 2012.

Victoria 2011 Cruise Ship Schedule

Victoria 2011 Cruise Ship Schedule
The 2011 Port of Victoria Cruise Ship Schedule for its Alaska season is now available.
This year we will have Oceana, Crystal and Disney ships docking in Victoria BC Canada at Ogden Point. Also,  a first is P&O’s Arcadia on a 72 day cruise to Alaska from / to Southampton, arriving May 22, 2011 all day.
A total of 210 ships will dock during the season from mid April 2011 to September 2011. Disney Wonder will be docking May 2, 2011 from 7am PST to 6:30pm PST. Hopefully I’ll get the car from Liz..

Our docks are currently being dredged to a deeper depth to ensure ships can dock and we have completed work ensuring the newer ships can tie up.
Attached is the link for this schedule which can be downloaded as a PDF or Web browser viewed.
Greater Victoria Harbour Authority

Ogden Point Cruise Pier A
A RobBar picture

Ogden Point Cruise Ship Piers
This picture is courtsey of Greater Victoria Harbour Authority


Alaska 2010 Ships docked at Ogden Point, Victoria BC

I ended up taking about 150 pictures of the Cruise Ships who cruised the Alaska route between May – September 2010 and docked at Ogden Point  in Victoria BC , Canada.. (about 230 ships)
For the moment here are a few pictures to enjoy… comments are appreciated. /Rob
Note: If you double click a picture it will open in a new window  and be great to view.
Privacy: As these are pictures I’ve taken,  feel free to use and note credit to this blog site “RobBar’s Cruising’

Ogden Point Victoria BC Pier A (1 of 4)

Pilot Boat- Ogden Point Victoria BC

Double Decker Bus- Victoria BC

Golden Princess – Celebrity Millennium Victoria BC

Golden Princess Victoria BC

Three Ships today – Victoria BC

Celebrity Infinity leaving Ogden Point – Victoria BC

Silver Shadow – Victoria BC

Ogden point Cafe – Victoria BC


Evening 1 Victoria BC

My thought is to put together some sort of picture and / or  slide show of these ships which visited so you can enjoy.
Of course like all cruise ship dock areas, security means I cannot get that close or onboard. It is nice though to look back at these pictures and the times I’d drive to the dock to see them , have a coffee, read, get to know the staff at Ogden Point Café and resist at times their wonderful food.

Sapphire Princess – Victoria BC