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Once her second leg heals by Easter it will be time for my granddog Lucy to come and see the cruise ships arrived at Ogden Point for the Alaska 2015 cruise season


Lucy underwent her second TPLO surgery on Wednesday and she came home on Thursday afternoon. It’s been an easier transition for her this time and she has been more willing to use her “bad” leg than last time. She has toe tapped more often whereas last time she hopped around trying to avoid putting her foot down. She has already sat up to look out the window to see me and the kids come home at the end of the day. Obviously she is still moving very slow and prefers not being outside for her breaks for very long, and she’s not her bubbly self just yet. But, compared to last time, we’re ahead of schedule.
This morning her ankle was swollen, so this is a photo of Lucy with her very fancy silk freezer bag, thanks to her very kind granny!


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Never get enough pictures
Where are all the passengers 😄


This album is intended as an insight into some of the daily sights and routines of life as experienced aboard the last true North Atlantic liner- Cunard’s incomparable Queen Mary 2.

This series of pictures were taken during an implausibly calm westbound crossing to New York in December of 2014. Each shot captures a sight or a mood that briefly piqued my curiosity, and/or one that I thought would appeal to my readers out there- a way to savour the ‘virtual’ experience of sailing on this fabulous ocean liner.

So, without further ado, I give you- Queen Mary 2. Enjoy the crossing!

QM2 at Southampton QM2 at Southampton

The huge flank of QM2 The huge flank of QM2

My room. stateroom 12104 My room. stateroom 12104

Atlantic panorama Atlantic panorama

View over the stern View over the stern

Two Deck corridor Two Deck corridor

Two Deck, forward to aft view Two Deck, forward to aft view

Britannia Restaurant Britannia Restaurant

Out over starboard bow Out over starboard bow

QM2 ballroom QM2 ballroom

Winter Garden at night Winter Garden at night

Sunny Atlantic disposition Sunny Atlantic disposition

Looking up from Seven Looking up from Seven

Forward covered promenade Forward covered…

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Queen Elizabeth Fanzine and Hamburg Cruise

I do not normally post another cruise blog but this one from Richard is exceptionally good as it is on the QE and a short visit to Hamburg
Of course it also shows pictures of a Cunard Facebook group I belong to which is a rare sight to see a lot of them on the same cruise😎😇😄
Course living near a major seaport helps

Solent Richard's Cruise Blog

My wife and I have just completed a very satisfying short cruise on board Cunard’s Queen Elizabeth from Southampton to Hamburg and return.

This was very much a last minute decision with the intention of  killing  two birds with one stone. Firstly a number of members of the “We Are Cunard’ Facebook Fanzine were planning a get together and secondly, we were very keen to visit the delightful German couple with whom we made friends on our Europa 2 cruise last September.

I have previously reviewed Queen Elizabeth in some detail at…

Queen Elizabeth – A day visit

…though there have been some changes following a recent refit.

Check-in was both smooth, efficient and well organised and Cunard were still operating the priority check-in system for their Grills and World Club members…

Southampton’s Ocean terminal has also been upgraded with the security screening facility enhanced. We were soon on board and…

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Ogden Point Busy January 2015

Our local harbour welcomed the MV Brattingsborg V6005 from Mexico as it offloaded two yachts
We have many pleasure craft delivered this way at the harbour.
Saves one coming up the Pacific Coast at this time of year
The Bulk Carrier MV Lillian is in port to have its inners scrubbed and cleaned as we have a deep water port
Alaska Cruise ship 2015 estimates are we will see 231 ship visits with a record 530,000 visitors scheduled excluding crew.
Royal Caribbean will be replacing the 915 foot Rhapsody of the Seas with the 962 foot Jewel of the Seas visiting our port this year.
Our local James Bay Association should be quieter this year as the new NA sulphur fuel content to lowest level much like EU rules take effect this month
Expect possible fare increases to accommodate this more expensive fuel on the Alaskan waters

Stay tuned when the 2015 schedule is published I will post
Cheers. / Rob


The only way to fly for sure
Good BA experience


Date: 22/12/2014

Flight: BA 112

Type: Boeing 747-400

Class: Club World (Upgraded from Premium Economy)

BA 112 pre departure at Terminal &, JFK airport BA 112 pre departure at Terminal &, JFK airport

BA had their work cut out with this one for a number of reasons.

Firstly, I had just disembarked from the Queen Mary 2 at the end of a memorable Atlantic crossing, and was feeling very much like Cinderella the morning after the ball.

Secondly, I was flying home on what is traditionally one of the worst days of the year to travel- one that, from personal experience, had always proved to be a nightmare in the past.

All of which made what follows that much more surprising,

I arrived at JFK’s Terminal 7 a good six hours prior to my flight. Booked into Premium Economy and already allocated a decent seat, my main concern was to get through the usual, pre Christmas train wreck of…

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