Ogden Point – Our Esquimalt and Songhees Nations Sea Wall Paintings

 I was taking pictures of a cruise ship tonight at Ogden Point (Victoria BC) July 7th 2014  and took one of our fantastic sea wall painted by our local Esquimalt and Songhees Nations. In looking up the history of the project I came across this site explaining the project, excellent video and very informative.
They plan to expose other schools to this discovery, could be a great educational project for a school.

The Unity Wall mural on the Ogden Point breakwater is a growing public art piece honouring Esquimalt and Songhees Nations, and creating a bridge between cultures.

Cruise Ship Fire: Holland America- ms Westerdam

A fire broke out in the Boiler room just after leaving Seattle and all is under control now with passengers and crew fine after returning to Seattle. After various approvals , has resumed its 7 day cruise to Alaska . Read attached


Sad . A lovely day but no ships 😘

Yes I write updates about cruise ships yet today and tomorrow no ships will be docking which is really due to regular schedules
we are now in the 7 – 10 day cycle
No more repositioning ships till the fall.
Shucks 😊
Thought I would add some thoughts today
I have been reading some cruise posts recently about some peoples expectation on a cruise
It amazes me that they act this way
fog horn
I want a credit as the fog horn kept me awake or inform the Captain to not sound during the night
I guess we will not check their cabin when an emergency muster is called.

comedy club night show
My teenage daughter should not hear jokes like that and I want a credit
What happened to babysitter or club or just not going

Group in study room
When you made an announcement over the speakers it disturbed us and that fog horn should be stopped
Mmmmm we are on a ship with 2,000. + souls

dancers costumes
We are insulted by the skimpy clothes they wear and demand a refund
Did they ever think that ship dancers wear more clothes then on a beach

looked at passenger too long
Officers greet passengers and one lady was so beautiful they spent a few seconds longer turning left while upset passenger next inline was upset
Wanted a free meal at least in compensation

strong currents cause late arrival
Passenger booked own excursion and was told they would loose 50 % or more
Wanted ship to refund the private excursion costs plus costs for being at sea an extra day
Do they ever read contracts and electing to save monies with a private tour now want ship to pay up ?

ships arrival mooring
Compensation for noise of anchor dropping each day
They chose the cabin……

Steak House
I am a vegetarian and booked the Steak House but it only ha done offering
Want a refund
Why book a steak house and did you read the menu posted outside prior

I paid good monies for this cruise and why should I not be allowed to smoke where I want
Forgot the rest of the ship who adhere to rules

So I am sitting here on my iPhone typing my thoughts and it still amazes me the me only expectations people have on a cruise and are so rude to the crew and other passengers
Any thoughts 😳    / Rob


Ogden Point (Victoria BC) Power Plugins for Cruise Ships scrapped

Cruise Terminal Victoria BC
Cruise Terminal Victoria BC (cc RobBar)

Quote: “The idea of installing electrical plug-ins for cruise ships visiting Victoria has been scrapped now that stricter Canadian and U.S. environmental rules are coming in. – ”


Cruise lines  like Carnival have started to install scrubbers so no emissions of a toxic nature occur.
Yet our local James Bay community want to limit in the future ships in the harbour and restrict if a ship has not converted. Will others now demand that the Victoria Airport Authority restrict what planes can fly in and the number, Makes the mind boggle.
Then their representative says , coughed one night and it was due to ships emissions this month. Not considered it is pollen season around this area and cool nights can cause heat to be on in a closed house which can cause dry throats.

All I can say is , the Cruise Industry with the North American and UK authorities have worked hard to be at the state to use low sulphur fuels, some use gas turbines and some use electrical hook-ups in Vancouver , Seattle and Juneau .
see section 21.2 http://www.tc.gc.ca/eng/marinesafety/tp-tp14202-advance-waste-treatment-2239.htm

Ogden Point May 2014 Cruise Ships

Some pictures of the recent ships (May 2014) into Ogden Point (Victoria BC ) Vancouver Island for the Alaska Season 2014 which I have taken from trusted iPhone5 🙂
I started a Facebook site last year 🙂    https://www.facebook.com/groups/325535934241017/?fref=ts
where I can locate remotely the ship coming into our harbour , check the ships schedule and give you more information as to where it came from and is going to.. If the weather is lousy that day or I cannot access our family car then at least I am able to reach out to folks.

My blog itself allows me to share picture I took at the harbour and post here. Just have to do more frequently for you all.
I have finally discovered ( nerd here) that I can load multiple pictures at same time..
What I plan to do is make a slideshow and upload that at some point.
Our Alaska season is just starting , so the weather is not that great at times, when I venture to the harbour in early evening and sometimes the sunny day becomes a misty day.
This year I will probably invest in a WordPress direct internet address just to try some more blogging opportunities.
Please leave any comments that tell me if you enjoy this look at our local cruising world.
Thank you to my friends and virtual ones around the world who give me ideas
/ CC RobBar

Ogden Point  2014
Ogden Point 2014


Island Princess May 20 2014 Ogden Point
Island Princess May 20 2014 Ogden Point


2014 – New Shuttle by Water Bus to and from Ogden Point / Downtown Victoria

In an effort to reduce traffic , pollution and noise  as requested by the local James Bay community , a new option of travelling via ‘Water Shuttle’ to downtown Victoria will be piloted for the 2014 Alaska Cruise season.

Passengers will enjoy a short ‘Water Shuttle’ ride of 30 minutes which includes loading and unloading with a narration into the downtown harbour from the Ogden Point cruise terminal.

Quote: ” Apr 04, 2014

(News Release) VICTORIA — Greater Victoria Harbour Authority (GVHA) is expanding on the Victoria cruise shuttle service to include a pilot water shuttle service from Ogden Point to the Inner Harbour. The 40-passenger Victoria Harbour Ferries vessel the “Linda Mae” will shuttle cruise ship passengers and crew from the newly built multi-purpose float at Ogden Point to the Steamship Terminal float on the lower causeway ”





Growth in Cruise Activity Increases Economic Prosperity in BC

Found this informative item today showing the full Cruise economic activity growth for British Columbia for year ending 2013.

The 2013 cruise season saw a considerable increase of 11% in passengers over the previous season.  More than 1.3 million passengers visited the BC communities of Nanaimo, Prince Rupert, Vancouver and Victoria on a total of 455 calls in 2013. This cruise activity generated an estimated total economic impact of $1.6 billion to the BC economy.


Victoria will welcome 214 cruise ships and 462,000 passengers in 2014.  / estimated/ A new water shuttle will be used to transport passengers from Ogden Point to downtown, providing a new and exciting experience for passengers.


Victoria: Ogden Point , Canada (Alaska Cruise Schedule 2014)

Our first cruise ship into Victoria BC (Vancouver Island)  at Ogden Point for the Alaska 2014 season will be the Holland America Line :  ms Zaandam on May 1, 2014 and this same ship will be the last ship in to close our season on October 6, 2014.

Total ship visits will be 208 for 2014, subject to change and weather.

Expected passengers will be 450,000 plus  (estimate) plus crew 🙂

Link to    Victoria BC Ogden Point : Alaska 2014 Cruise Schedule

PDF to download (click to download) 2014 Ogden Point Cruise Ship Schedule

Kitimat BC Canada: Smelter operator to house temporary workers on cruise ship

Talk about housing in areas of Canada where the price is expensive and the amount of accommodation is low so to ensure temporary workers needed have a place to sleep.

A cruise ship has been chartered. Not quite a full cruise ship as it is a Ferry called Silja Festival.

The 170-metre ship, run by Tallink Group as a cruise ferry in the Baltic Sea, is being called the Delta Spirit Lodge for its Canadian assignment. It will house 500 workers

Cruise ship to housing rescue