Land Cruise – Barbados Wedding May 2019

As I ended our QE Alaska June 2019 blog I alluded to we had just come back from a wedding , month prior in Barbados 🇧🇧

After we had booked our cruise mid 2018 we then were informed my Niece in Barbados had decided to get married in May 2019, well one cannot ignore that invitation.🇧🇧🎉

Though married to a Barbadian for many years we had always stayed with family either on the East Coast or Sunset Crest or in my in-laws house in the countryside.

Liz and I decided we should stay at a five star resort for part of the short stay so with our daughters we shared a suite at the Crane Resort

The Crane Resort has its own shops, restaurants, bars, numerous private sun bathing and pool areas.

Our suite had its own private pool and garden lounge area.

The master bedroom had a 12 inch mattress on top of its bed frame such I needed a step stool to get into the bed😂

It had its own washing / dryer unit as well as a stove and microwave

My sister-in-law also came to the wedding so Charlotte had her overseas family who all traveled from Vancouver Island

it was great to give her Mum support and to enjoy the wedding.

Here are some pics of the wedding

We being the older generation left about 10 pm while we heard the wedding party went into the early hours of the next day.

Their was music, food , dancing and people just having a great time.

2 thoughts on “Land Cruise – Barbados Wedding May 2019

  1. This Is Cruising July 30, 2019 / 15:33

    Lovely pictures Rob, what a beautiful place for a wedding. I love the private pool with your suite.

    Liked by 1 person

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