Post-transplant update and NHSBT Christmas campaign news.

Please remember to signup and be an organ donor
Some cases you can donate while living
This is a person who has had aLiver transplant recently

waiting for a liver.

I thought id just write a little post as an update on how things are going.
I am just over two months post-transplant now and I’m feeling good! I’m still having weekly appointments with the liver team at Derriford so they can keep a close eye on me. My new liver is happy and doing good things! To begin with, my liver function tests were up and down every week because I’m young, my immune system is fairly robust and was fighting against the new liver and giving me slight bouts of rejection but each time this happened my consultants increased my dose of anti-rejection meds and luckily that’s been successful in sorting it out. My consultants are still juggling all my meds to get the right balance for me. It really isn’t straight forward all this post-transplant business but I am so very fortunate with how things are going and that…

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