Our Story of Lucy ( Labrador Dog)


The story of one of my grand dogs who lives with us in her recent leg operation

As my daughter says, she is a bundle of love to all of us

Note: To encourage or bribe a Labrador dog to eat its meals with medicine pills who is heavily medicated, just hide small pieces of cheese in its bowl. It works 🙂


Lucy started limping in April 2014.  At first it was more noticeable after she had visited someone with hardwood floors in their home, but it started to happen more consistently.  Finally, after Xrays, two vet visits and a trip to the surgeon, she was assessed as having an Anterior Cruciate Ligament rupture in the right stifle and partial tear in her left stifle.  The recommendation being a Tibia plateau leveling osteotomy (TPLO) surgery.

I didn’t go into this surgery lightly.  The thought of putting my dog through this terrified me. But once I was given all of the options and found out what methods, over time, had worked and what hadn’t, I decided that the TPLO surgery would be Lucy’s best bet at getting back to her normal life of hikes up mountains and along waterfronts.  She was getting depressed not being able to go on adventures because it…

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