Ships, Shoes and Maggiemou.

My book is on its way but I fully agree with Richards comments about the book and Maggie cruise experience. Repost on my blog for cruisers / Rob. 😄

Solent Richard's Cruise Blog

By way of  a little promotion I am taking the unusual step of plugging a really fun book on cruising that has recently been published by one of this blog’s avid followers and a personal friend, Maggie Thorpe.

Maggie Mou Book aspect shot

Maggie Thorpe, better known on many cruise forums as MaggieMou,  is a veteran of many world cruises and particularly  many with Cunard. Indeed the book follows Maggie’s adventures across the globe on the 2014 Queen Elizabeth World Cruise.

Maggie, as does Solent Richard, suffers from  a clothes and shoes addiction and this  book takes the reader initially through the logistics of packing/unpacking, storing and caring for 100 or more evening outfits, 12 different pashminas, 40 pairs of shoes and 30 hand bags.

Maggie certainly enters into the spirit of everything and isn’t afraid to have those pictures taken, from Vietnam to Japan and from on board to the Roaring 20’s…

MaggieMou in Japan


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3 thoughts on “Ships, Shoes and Maggiemou.

  1. maggiemoucy October 20, 2014 / 22:28

    Hi Rob, Thank you for buying my book and giving it a mention on your great blog sight. I an honoured. Hope you enjoy the read and may it will bring aback some happy cruise memories. Have great day, love to Canada. Maggiemou.x


  2. maggiemoucy October 20, 2014 / 22:33

    Hi Rob, Thank you for purchasing my book. I hope you enjoy reading it.
    I spent two years working on Holland America ships and visited Alaska weekly so been there many times. We always kicked off from Canada. which I found to be a wonderful, Country, and I loved Alaska after so many visits. Have a good day. Maggiemou. x


    • robbarcruises October 20, 2014 / 23:49

      Ah blessings Maggie, Our first Holland America cruise was from Boston to Montreal in 2006 (ms Maasdam) it was wonderful


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