Ogden Point (Victoria BC) Power Plugins for Cruise Ships scrapped

Cruise Terminal Victoria BC
Cruise Terminal Victoria BC (cc RobBar)

Quote: “The idea of installing electrical plug-ins for cruise ships visiting Victoria has been scrapped now that stricter Canadian and U.S. environmental rules are coming in. – ”


Cruise lines  like Carnival have started to install scrubbers so no emissions of a toxic nature occur.
Yet our local James Bay community want to limit in the future ships in the harbour and restrict if a ship has not converted. Will others now demand that the Victoria Airport Authority restrict what planes can fly in and the number, Makes the mind boggle.
Then their representative says , coughed one night and it was due to ships emissions this month. Not considered it is pollen season around this area and cool nights can cause heat to be on in a closed house which can cause dry throats.

All I can say is , the Cruise Industry with the North American and UK authorities have worked hard to be at the state to use low sulphur fuels, some use gas turbines and some use electrical hook-ups in Vancouver , Seattle and Juneau .
see section 21.2 http://www.tc.gc.ca/eng/marinesafety/tp-tp14202-advance-waste-treatment-2239.htm

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