The Cruise we Cancelled: May 2012 Island Princess

Not that we are cruise crazy having only done about nine cruises since 2001.
We have completed cruises of  a 28 day cruise duration, 14 days, 10 days , 7 days and  a wedding anniversary cruise of 3 days last year (May 2011) on the Golden Princess from Los Angeles to Vancouver.

Golden Princess at Ogden Point (by Robbar)

It was all sea days, lovely , relaxing and we went from warm to cool days as we cruised up the Pacific  Coast. When we docked it was a zoo with four ships in Vancouver at the same time and thankfully I booked us overnight at a boutique Hotel  with a chocolate fountain instead of rushing back to Vancouver Island.

The above is to set the stage for this cruise per my prior post.

This year we elected to celebrate our wedding anniversary (May 2012)  by another short cruise  but on the Island Princess from Los Angeles to Vancouver for 5 days ( a repositioning cruise ).

Princess Cruises:  Island Princess Web Cam   (by Princess)

As it would dock in Victoria we received approval to disembark on the 4th day. That would save us the expense of a oneway Air Flight to Victoria from Vancover including an overnight stay in a hotel.

Going down we booked air from Victoria to Los Angeles with an overnight hotel in San Pedro and a minisuite. Then it was to be on to the ship for some sea days and a day in San Francisco, even found a special prepaid SIM card and rate for using our mobile in the USA .

About three weeks prior, got all the papers from my Travel Agent, printed out my Sea and Air tickets including luggage tags. Discovered though that Air Canada only allows one bag per person at a charge while two or more  are very expensive.
Two – three weeks prior came down with a cough and felt all would be fine but it developed into a hacking cough all the time and any idea of it being fine to board the ship became very remote.
Saw my physician who said it had gone viral so going onboard a cruise ship would go against the health question form for sure in bringing onboard.

So, two days prior I had to cancel all the arrangements.  
It was a tough call but the right one as the hacking cough got worse during what would have been our planned cruise days,

Hopefully we can do this again for 2013

2 thoughts on “The Cruise we Cancelled: May 2012 Island Princess

  1. Millis Glashaus July 10, 2012 / 07:56

    Sad to hear that. Hope you are well again and yes, keep on planning the next cruise ! :-)All the best form Germany.


  2. Melanie H Charron October 9, 2012 / 20:00

    Hi Rob, thanks for being a 'responsible cruiser'. I have never taken a cruise but I'm looking forward to doing so in the near future. I've read so much about people who have some sort of sickness and get everyone else on the ship sick and they spend 3 months disinfecting the place. I enjoyed reading your posts and will consider some of the cruises that you've actually been on. Thank you for the information and also thank you for the info about the ship that turned on its side-that was a horrible thing to see on television. Any recommendations for a newbie cruiser? Thanks,


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