Victoria, BC Ogden Point 2012 Eco News

I thought I’d post some recent good news in showing how the partnership of good corporate companies that work with local cruise port mangement does benefit us all in tourism and our community.
Currently we have had about 58 cruise ships docking at Victoria BC Ogden point which means about 116,000 visitors and  171 cruise ships docking still to occur during the 2012 Alaska season.

Victoria Ogden Point  and its Harbour Authority is actively involved  in updating its cruise facilities including ensuring enviromental needs are addressed.
This year the city recognized Princess Cruises  and Holland America.

Picture by  Princess Cruises 

Quote from Princess Cruises :
The Victoria, BC Ogden Point Eco Award recognizes cruise lines who go above and beyond in their efforts to reduce emissions while in the port of Victoria, including using low-sulfur fuel. The award cited four Princess ships that called in Victoria during 2011—Golden Princess, Island Princess, Sapphire Princess, and Sea Princess.
  The company’s environmental goals and policies go beyond what is required by law and include a zero solid waste discharge policy, state-of-the-art environmental technology and waste management equipment, programs to minimize waste generated, and recycling where possible. The company also pioneered the use of shore power programs in the cruise industry to reduce air emissions.
End of quote……………………………..

In the case of Holland America it also has the ability to use shore power and of the 229 ship visits this year , had we (Ogden Point)  offered shore power then 75 of those visits would have been able to switch from onboard gas / disel to electrical. shore power. Electrical power for Ogden Point is Hydro generated by water and for all of Vancouver Island.

Picture by (Dan Schlatter photo)
Our Harbour Authority has now commisioned a study and will be actively taking the next steps to this goal much like Vancouver and Seattle have done.

One thought on “Victoria, BC Ogden Point 2012 Eco News

  1. Camilla February 12, 2014 / 02:34

    These plugs for the electricity supply for the ships are very impressive! Just having a discussion on about it due to the fail of power of the Celebrity Constellation during time in port.
    Maybe you would like to contribute the picture and information babout it?
    Best regards and lov your new blog! Didn’t know you moved…


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