Cruise 2011 October- Australia, Dawn Princess

Dawn Princess moving to the Sydney Harbour Bridge September 7, 2011 (late afternoon)
 +picture by ROBBAR+

We have now completed our wonderful 28 day cruise around all of Australia including a stop in Benoa (Bali) Indonesia.
The actual cruise started in Sydney Australia on September 7, 2011, at Darling Harbour and completed in Sydney Harbour at the Ocean Sea Terminal – The Rocks, right downtown.

We arrived in Sydney Australia NSW (New South Wales) on September 4, 2011 (Sunday) and had left Vancouver Canada on September 2, 2011 (Friday) via Air Canada AC33 (Boeing 777). The flight time ignoring the 30 minute flight from Victoria to Vancouver and its 5 hour wait was a 15 1/2 hour direct flight.
Though we could not afford Executive Class nor amass the points required , we were able to purchase ‘preferred’ seats  $200 each way beside the middle exit door, a great way to stretch out ones legs and not walk over folks for the washroom. The Boeing 777 is a modern plane, well  laid out with 3-3-3 seating for 200+ while Executive Class is 1-2-1 in a flat bed style seating layout.
We stayed at the Radisson Blue Plaza Hotel about four blocks from the Ocean Terminal and in the Business area for 3 1/2 days prior to the cruise. Taxi fare from the Airport was $50A and took about 35 minutes.
The Hotel is in a wonderful location downtown and is in walking distance to the Sydney Opera House. Our room rate was a three day special for about $280A a night, which included free breakfast for two , a $60A value and free WiFi & Cable Internet access.
Tips are not expected by staff though appreciated and service is as expected when in a 5*+ hotel.

Rob & Liz – Sydney Hop On/Off Bus   Sept 5, 2011

During our pre-cruise stay in Sydney, we walked around the business area, along The Rocks dock area, visited the Sydney Opera House, Sunday Market stalls, Starbucks, stores, art museums and took a days Hop on Hop off Bus for about $25A each (senior rate). The Australia Banks ATM’s and the Hotel ATM worked as expected for my VISA using the PLUS Network. I also took the precaution of advising my CC’s and debit card providers where I was travelling which ensured access was provided instead of a surprised security access stop. I elected to have one CC posted to ny Ship account and used another CC (difffernt bank) for our land purchases.

You do  need a week to do justice to enjoying Sydney and though its an expensive city , you can find plenty of inexpensive food outlets for lunch and dinner when the main malls are open plus individual stores. Watch out for convenience stores vs. chemist or grocery stores as prices are sometimes not shown and  more expensive. I bought   a SIM (Lebra) card for my unlocked HTC Smart phone  to allow us to phone family in Canada from all of Australia at $0.15 a minute(instead of $2)  and I could text for my balance as a free call. It did not include Internet access. ( A great company with access to many countries in the world)

On Wednesday (September 7, 2011) we left the Hotel for the cruise ship docked in Darling Harbour.
The taxi fare from downtown to Darling Harbour Bangaroo (Wharf 5). pier was about $15A

The Bangaroo pier is a large shed that will be rebuilt as a permanent cruise ship terminal in two years and has seating and washroom facilities but is not meant to handle large number of passengers.
When we arrived,  Dawn Princess was finishing its 2011 World Cruise and had arrived late. In our case we arrived around  11:30am , checked in with Princess and did not get on board as group seven till about 3:30pm. One of the main problems was allowing non-passengers to sit with the passengers  in the terminal, the other was the lack of good crowd control by rope lanes and a public address system plus Australia Customs had computer problems that day while Princess was fine. In hindsight this was a one off situation but this terminal is not meant to have more then one cruise ship in at a time.

Our luggage arrived quicklyin our cabin and the best starting event was being on the top deck as we passed under the Sydney Harbour Bridge around 5 – 6pm. I was able to take the picture above before  my camera battery went to zero.

After the lifeboat drill we prepared for supper at 5:45pm (1st seating.) and ordered a strong drink.. One should never fly 8,000 miles for a cruise without a few days in the port prior so we were relaxed.
This was our first long cruise at 28 days while prior it had been 14 days.

Our ports of call would be Sydney, Sea day, Brisbane,  Sea, Airlie Beach,  Sea, Port Douglas, Sea, Sea, Darwin, Sea, Sea, Bali (Benoa),Sea, Sea, Sea,  Perth (Freemantle) , Bunbury, Albany, Sea, Sea , Adelaide, Sea, Melbourne, Burnie Tasmania and Hobart (2 days) Tasmania and back to Sydney Australia.

Our Australian 28 Day Cruise (pic by Dawn Princess)

 More to come.

+ All pictures are by ‘ROBBAR’ +



Fueling in Melbourne

Hobart Tasmania

Feeding Kangaroos – Burnie Tasmania

Loading Supplies- Melbourne

Perth- Kings Park View

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