Disney Cruise to leave Vancouver in 2012

The local newspapers in Victoria and Vancouver for April 7, 2011 have both indicated that even though the first cruse ship for Disney , ‘Disney Wonder’ has not started its Alaska 2011 cruises season from Vancouver yet that it will be moving to Seattle for the 2012 Alaska cruise season.

The official Disney company release said beginning May , 2012 that Disney Wonder will begin 14 seven night cruises
from Seattle to Tracy Arm, Skagway, Juneau, and Ketchikan Alaska as well as Victoria ,Canada.

It is expected that Vancouver will loose 20 cruise ships visits in 2012 while Victoria will gain 14+ visits in 2012 in this move.
Home port visits benefit by more monies on transportation, hotels, visits, supplies and refueling while day visits still benefit by about a 1 million dollars to the local economy.
The indication is that excluding ship costs for mooring it is the airfare and hotel costs to Vancouver which are an added expense for an American family instead of flying to Seattle direct. As Disney is a prime family enterprise it would want to keep the travel costs down though once onboard those savings for the family, will to my mind , go back to Disney. Try and control the addon sales by your family once at sea for seven days.

Disney has not said why they are doing this nor what they plan for 2013. Economy of scale will tell the full story as their new venture to Alaska market unfolds.
All in all, it is exciting time for Disney and the ports they visit as a lot of forward planning has already been completed with excursion providers. 

Course I do have a bias in welcoming Disney Wonder to Victoria from 2 times in 2011 to 14 or more times in 2012.

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