New UK Cruising Board –

Ok, I know we have many cruising boards on the Internet but most of them are connected with Travel Agents or are Web Agents and some are even sponsored by Cruise Lines and Suppliers.

Time for a change.  Welcome to Cruising Mates
This new board was started by a friend of mine who wanted to have a board with no connections, just a spot for all of us to share experiences,  ask questions and have a bit of fun.

Why not give it a try and even register. I’m known as ‘Rob Victoria’ , see you on the board.

Here is an extract of Dave’s policy for this board.  ——————————————————–
Cruising Mates is an alternative sort of forum. We’re not associated with any cruise line or travel agent, nor are we sponsored by anyone – so you won’t see any ads or links cluttering up the place.

There’s an administrator – that’s me (Dave) – and I see my job as maintaining a forum which is as open and free as possible. There are moderators (or rather, as I write, there will be moderators!) – people whose experience of the rough and tumble of forum life qualifies them to keep an eye on things.

This forum is intended to be a bit like an after-dinner chat. Yes, we talk about ships and ports of call, but we also talk about politics, religion, and fun stuff as well. We’re a community of people who share a common interest, but we’ll no doubt argue too!
Enjoy your stay… / Dave

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