WiFi Access & Ogden Point – Victoria BC

Ogden Point Café- WiFi
I discovered today when I dropped by the Cruise Ships docks to lunch at the Ogden Point Café in Victoria BC and spend some time in surfing the Internet that their WiFi access has been removed.

Ogden Point BC:  Cruise Terminal

Ogden Point Cafe

A few weeks ago I was informed they had some technical issues and now this week that the WiFi service has been stopped for clients.

Ogden Point Cruise Terminal (Tour Bus)

Sea Princess – Ogden Point

 As in many parts of the world cruisers have always looked for a free WiFi access point or a minimal cost location near their cruise ship docks.
In this case though I’m not privy to the reasons to the decision, it is fair to say that their free access for customers was abused by a lot of people. I include mainly crew and perhaps some locals who would occupy tables without purchasing any food or drink including handing out the current password to crew outside the Café.

During the 2010 season they tried to request crew mainly to not abuse the access, buy something and leave room for other clients to use the Café.
This worked to some degree as the season progressed but it would seem the privilege was abused such we all suffer when people assume it is their right to have WiFi access without being a paying customer.

We have just returned from a trip on Sea Princess around the Caribbean and time in Barbados with family. What I’ve noticed in these prime tourist spots is you can get free access but you are either a guest at the hotel, villa or you have bought even a tea or juice in the local mall. They will then give you access for a set time.
In the larger Islands you will find an Internet spot with at least prices cheaper then the cruise ship.

Here in NA I can get some free time near a Starbucks location without buying but even that is controlled though quite generously.

We need to support the places that give us free WiFi by at least buying some of their products and not occuping the tables all day as is seen at times.
I meant this article to be about Ogden Point WiFi service being discontinued but I have gone into what I believe is a service we want but we have to respect the place that offers the service.

Hopefully in 2011, we might get the access back as good customers.

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