Alaska 2010 Ships docked at Ogden Point, Victoria BC

I ended up taking about 150 pictures of the Cruise Ships who cruised the Alaska route between May – September 2010 and docked at Ogden Point  in Victoria BC , Canada.. (about 230 ships)
For the moment here are a few pictures to enjoy… comments are appreciated. /Rob
Note: If you double click a picture it will open in a new window  and be great to view.
Privacy: As these are pictures I’ve taken,  feel free to use and note credit to this blog site “RobBar’s Cruising’

Ogden Point Victoria BC Pier A (1 of 4)

Pilot Boat- Ogden Point Victoria BC

Double Decker Bus- Victoria BC

Golden Princess – Celebrity Millennium Victoria BC

Golden Princess Victoria BC

Three Ships today – Victoria BC

Celebrity Infinity leaving Ogden Point – Victoria BC

Silver Shadow – Victoria BC

Ogden point Cafe – Victoria BC


Evening 1 Victoria BC

My thought is to put together some sort of picture and / or  slide show of these ships which visited so you can enjoy.
Of course like all cruise ship dock areas, security means I cannot get that close or onboard. It is nice though to look back at these pictures and the times I’d drive to the dock to see them , have a coffee, read, get to know the staff at Ogden Point Café and resist at times their wonderful food.

Sapphire Princess – Victoria BC

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