Alaska Season 2010: 20 Ships still to dock in Victoria

Update:   October 1st , 2010, only one ship left for this Sunday, October  3, 2010  ( Norwegian  Star) at 8am to 5pm., then the season closes till next May 2011.

At September 18, 2010
Victoria BC: 20 Cruise Ships left to Dock in Victoria out of am original schedule of 230 ships.

Liz & Emma at Ogden Point Cafe


Golden Princess & Celebrity M Class Ship

  Well, our Alaska season is winding down as we have only 20 more cruise ships to visit Victoria BC this year with the last one on October 3, 2010.

Sea Princess was in Friday September 17, 2010 for 6am PST so I’ll take a visit during my chores and then she is back here again on September 27, 2010.

Holland America

 She will then begin her leg down the Pacific Coast , thru the Panama Canal and into the Caribbean to begin her Barbados return 14 night cruise cycle into the Islands.

A lot of my UK friends will start flying into Barbados on regular charters each two weeks and we ourselves will be on the November 15 sailing.
The weather here is peasoup fog with ships horns sounding.
I’m happy but sad as as I’ll not have anymore ships to see till next season but I do have lots of good mates on the / board and to share and enjoy each others comments.

2 thoughts on “Alaska Season 2010: 20 Ships still to dock in Victoria

  1. Millis Glashaus September 19, 2010 / 17:14

    Thanks for the nice pics! Which Celebrity ship was there next to the Sea Princess? The Constellation?Well, are 20 cruise ships too little? Did the amount of ships per season in Victoria go down?Sending you sunshine from the Swiss boarder of SouthWest Germany and wishing you a good start into the new week.


  2. RobBar's Cruise Area September 19, 2010 / 22:26

    I believe it was actually the Millennium after I looked at the schedule and that was the Golden Princess (incr+ the picture to 150%).I meant 20 out of 230 ships left to dock for this year.I've added names to the


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