Try the Free IPhone – ITouch Ship Apps by Jan Jirout

Update: September 9, 2010
The App for Princess is now available which now includes apps for
NCL, RCL, Carnival and Celebrity
One of my  board folks told me about this neat Apple Phone / ITouch  ‘Free’ App that has  been developed for people to use for various cruise lines. It can be used offline and allows you to see ship plans , locations et cetra,  ship sailing dates and you can  input your plans and expenses.

Quote: “No internet connection is needed so while on-board the ship you will have access to all the information about your trip in the palm of your hand. Included in the app is information about all the excursions, restaurants, and shops on-board the ships plus useful information about each of the ports.”
 The above Apple URL will allow you to download for free  this cruise line App available and also describes the other current cruise line Apps and functions available.
This is a great idea and should be  popular with folks as more are cruising now with Apple App products.

The Facebook entry for the Author is :

Jan Jirout is the Author of ShipMate ( © Copyright Jan Jirout 2009)

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