Victoria BC Ogden Point Cafe and Crew WiFi Access

Ogden Point Cafe – Victoria BC


Ogden Point- Victoria BC

 The Alaska season for cruise ships coming to Victoria BC Canada is now in full swing. Majority of passengers normally enjoy a full or half day in port.

Victoria has a lot to offer with its English type weather and charm.
I’ve started to take pictures of each ship when it arrives and plan to post them on a separate post this summer. One thing that is evident is where do the crew who are off-duty go when in port for their relaxation.
Well, right beside the docks and only a five minute walk in sight of the ships is a lovely cafe overlooking the docks and the sea.
It is called the Ogden Point Cafe and offers a wonderful food selection, a lovely view of the ships at anchor, a view across the strait from Canada to the USA Olympic Mountains and in my humble mind, great staff. Note: Great Coffee (aka Java) also.
I park my car ( free parking for an hour by Ogden Point Cafe, look for the yellow markers ) do some picture taking , and then have a java and / or food.
What I discovered especially in the evening is about twenty – thirty crew from various ships having a great time though together but ‘huddled’ over their laptops , ITouch, IPads using their free WiFi access to access emails, the web and webcams to their families.
Only problem is the more who use the access, including yours truly with his ITouch, the shared speed drops down to zero
until someone leaves. I believe the server is Cable, not ADSL/DSL which means you are sharing with not only the Cafe users
but ones in the area.
A big ‘Thank you’ to Ogden Point Cafe owners who provide this WiFi access for paying customers (crew and us locals).
Their password is changed on a weekly cycle and as you may request it at the cashier when you obtain your food / java / tea.
The Ogden Point area also provides telephones, a gift shop, a dive shop and lot of folks walking along the beach.

3 thoughts on “Victoria BC Ogden Point Cafe and Crew WiFi Access

  1. Peter June 1, 2010 / 20:46

    free wifi, great coffee and an easy stroll from the cruise ship terminal… no wonder it is popular with the crews. Thanks for the note.


  2. RobBar's Cruise Area June 1, 2010 / 21:46

    Peter,The WiFi access does require a password but you need only ask the staff and they will give you a wee slip of paper. Hard to remember otherwise.thank


  3. Millis Glashaus June 3, 2010 / 21:50

    Dear Rob, thank you for your info. Great to know and phantastic for the crew members who stay away so long form their families.The view seems to be just amazing… Thank you for sharing 🙂


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