Will Oil Tankers in BC Waters pose a problem for Cruise Ships.

It is interesting with the World’s attention on the current ecological disaster off the coast of Louisiana, what would this mean if we in British Columbia (BC) , Canada, were to allow offshore drilling including tanker traffic off the coast of BC.
The title contains a link to current Yahoo News on this subject. Image courtesy of Free Stock Photos.
Currently the Government of British Columbia in Canada offer a website to this subject.

The Alaska Cruise season each year from May to September brings major business revenue and jobs in an industry that effects, ports, suppliers, trades and tourists. The major ports which benefit are Seattle, Vancouver, Victoria, Seward – Anchorage, including all the stops up and down the coast in Alaska, British Columbia and Washington.
These cruise ships travel thru a narrow point between Vancouver Island and the mainland of British Columbia. as they move between Washington, British Columbia and Alaska.
Quote: “Natural sheltered sea route along the U.S.-Canadian coast from Seattle, Wash., to Skagway, Alaska. Extending northwest for more than 1,000 mi (1,600 km), it comprises channels and straits between the mainland and islands (including Vancouver Island) that protect it from Pacific storms. It is the favoured route for coastal shipping to Alaska. Ports in British Columbia include Victoria, Vancouver, and Prince Rupert; those in Alaska include Ketchikan, Wrangell, and Juneau.”

There are many debates going on now about this body of water being a possible route for tankers or the outer-side of Vancouver Island on the Pacific Ocean. Will we be able to increase tourism revenue or want more monies from resources that could cause years of effect on our waterways. This looks to be a major point of discussion for all.

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