Is The Worst Thing About Cruising The Passengers?

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I found this article from the web site and you might begin to see what happens when expectations are not met for some folks.
Sometimes I think it is similar to when people go to Land Inclusive resorts and have the same expectation because of the monies they have spent. As it is a large closed community for a duration of time then they tend to focus on things most of us accept.
Like the worn carpet, after experiencing a five course meal over a few days they complain if a similar dish is offered six days later, perhaps it is the entertainment or not being invited to the Captains table or drink was over charged.
Items they might have accepted at home when going once to a venue.
Somehow the whole ship is their vacation paid for and the rest of us are spoiling it for them.

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” Choose a ship that’s the right fit for you, and you’re a lot less likely to find things to gripe about. Of course there are those who believe the quality of the passenger has declined along with the declines they believe they’ve seen in the industry. Those folks should probably look for a different vacation, but many will continue to book their cruises, and then get onboard, and complain about almost everyone else on the ship. Those are the passengers who can “ruin my cruise”
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2 thoughts on “Is The Worst Thing About Cruising The Passengers?

  1. Millis Glashaus April 21, 2010 / 11:04

    You are soooo right, since we experienced fellows like that as well… oh boy, there are stories to tell… tststs.. but better be "deaf on that ear", so slowly those people will look for someone else to moan to… :-/


  2. RobBar's Cruise Area April 21, 2010 / 16:01

    Yes, you get on a Cruise tour bus and all of a sudden, someone is yelling at the driver or guide. Your luck is to be sitting beside them. Best to me married or have a friend to sit with to have company.


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