Formal Night Wear – Always a Hot Topic

The below link shows some informative discussions on what one wears on a Formal night on a cruise where the initial question is?
Can I wear a White Dinner Jacket.

The Cruises UK site has numerous members with varied opinions but you have to register if you wish to follow the varied observations.
I’m known as ‘Rob Victoria Canada’

The picture is our Midnight Formal Desert night on Holland America ‘Massdam

‘ during our Boston to Montreal trip.
I’ve extracted some of my comments to that Board shown below.
Quote: Rob H.

Here are some of the guidelines from two cruiselines (P & O and Princess).
In todays world we are wantimg to encourage the younger folks to dress up and some of the percentages show about 60 % Tux and 40 % dark suits.
Cruising offers the opportunity to dress up more so than land based vacations.
Ah.. what fun.. great views… bring your camera

——————————— Princess ————————————-
Princess Onboard Attire
Princess makes it easy to know what to pack and what to wear when you’re dining onboard. There are two designations for dress codes: Smart Casual and Formal.
Smart Casual Evenings:•Passenger attire should be in keeping with what would be worn to a nice restaurant at home. Inappropriate dinner dress such as pool or beach attire, shorts, ball caps and casual jeans (with fraying and/or holes), is not permitted in the dining rooms. Shoes must be worn.
Formal Evenings:
•Evening gown, cocktail dress, or elegant pant suit for women
•Tuxedo, dark suit or dinner jacket and slacks for men
Princess offers formal wear rental on all cruises; this can be arranged prior to embarkation.

———————————- P & O ——————-
P & O Formal
This is the opportunity for ladies to wear formal evening wear such as an evening dress, smart trouser suit or a cocktail dress.
For men, a dinner jacket or tuxedo are the norm, otherwise a dark lounge/ business suit and tie or formal national dress is fine. (Applies to all ships.)
P & O Semi-Formal
Ladies can wear anything from tailored trousers to smart separates or an elegant dress, while men are required to wear a smart shirt and trousers with a jacket such as a blazer or sports jacket.
A suit and tie may be worn but is not compulsory. (From April 2009 Semi-Formal applies to Arcadia, Artemis, Aurora, Azura and Oriana only.)

And here is a link with a bit of humour

Here are some videos that show parts of a formal evening.
Various clothes examples of a Formal night.


2 thoughts on “Formal Night Wear – Always a Hot Topic

  1. Millis Glashaus April 15, 2010 / 20:32

    Here is also the CUNARD-policy for dinner:One of the great thrills of a Cunard cruise is the sheer glamour of the evenings. Generally, evening dress may be either formal, informal or casual when your ship is at sea, and informal or casual when your ship is in port. There will be a maximum of three formal nights in a week. Evening attire, effective from 6pm, will be specified in your ship’s Daily Programme, delivered to your stateroom each day. Dress codes are defined as follows:Formal:Black tie or formal dark suit for men. Evening dress or other formal attire for women.Informal:Jacket and tie for men. Cocktail dress or trouser suit for women. No jeans.Elegant Casual:Jacket, no tie required for men (no jeans or shorts). Dress, skirt or trousers for ladies.To be honest, I really like that – where else I have the chance to dress-up so elegant? Unfortunately not at home, so I definitely enjoy everytime I get out my nice things to wear – even if I have to iron the dress for half an hour before wearing it, because it was kept first in the suitcase and then in the cubboard of the cabin…. 🙂 is really worth it.


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